Minor Surgery Series

 BMA Book Awards 2016 Highly commended.

“I am not aware of any other resource which includes such a wide range of conditions with illustrations from all stages of treatment”.

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About this book

This book covers all the minor surgery procedures that primary care practitioners need to be familiar with, in order to deal with the diverse conditions commonly seen in their patients.

It is extensively illustrated with diagrams and clinical images. Demonstration videos are included in the digital version available with Apple books.

This volume covers diverse procedures including cryotherapy of skin lesions, punch biopsy and excision biopsy, excision of cysts and lipomas, temporal artery biopsy, toenail surgery, and sclerotherapy of thread veins.

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Along with its companion books in the Minor Surgery series, this work will be of great benefit to doctors in primary care, dermatologists, doctors working in minor injuries units, and medical students.
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