Minor Surgery Series
These highly-acclaimed books will be of great benefit to anyone who deals with skin lesionsespecially doctors in primary care and dermatologists. They will also be valuable for medical students and nurses.


Surgical Procedures. Highly commended. "I am not aware of any other resource which includes such a wide range of conditions with illustrations from all stages of treatment".

BMA Book Awards 2016

Dermoscopy: A Diagnostic Atlas. "This is an exceptionally well-illustrated text on dermoscopy and is of equal value to clinicians just starting their training in this technique and experienced dermatologists".

Dr Irshad Zaki Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Dermatology: Skin tumours & moles: A Diagnostic Atlas. "The book is lavishly illustrated, demonstrating the subtle variations that are often overlooked in other books. The images are of superb quality...The chapters describe how to recognise various lesions and include pictures of differential diagnoses with lesions in similar locations and of similar sizes. In comparison with the usual lists, this format makes it very easy to visualise and learn."

Dr Nigel Stollery GPSI in dermatology
Every large and obvious malignant skin tumour was once a tiny innocuous dot. So the emphasis must be on diagnosing skin cancers when they are small.